Hi there. We are an independent group of creators helping each other crafting stuff out of the box. Nice to meet you.

Outboxcraft is like a music band, founded and led by Shubham Ramdeo, to work as a team and help each other build things they wanted to.

Our Crew

Flag Carrier

Pixel Magician

Hammer Hand

And the love of those who believe in us

Our Work So Far


Beauter is a mobile first, responsive and modifies most of the default styles to guarantee same behavior everywhere.


Simple icons for Sweet projects. icoji is a copyrighted work is distributed for free

BOL Methodology

bol is designed on purpose that new developers of a project can understand the code easier, while css remains logical.

Thug Of Life

This is our first game, we prepared it for Community Game Jam 2019. This game was built in 7 days with only Free tools. We hope you like it.


This is a collection of commonly used C Macros I found on internet, and as suggested by my friends. Using C Macros, we can extend C with a lot of useful functionality.

Chess AI

This Chess Engine is being written by me just for fun to study Artificial Intelligence, Obfuscation and Optimization Techniques, and to beat some of my friends at chess using programming!


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